Book Drive
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Just a reminder that we will be collecting new or used books/magazines for the "Spread The Word Project". The collection of books will be forwarded by the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce to community-based organizations located in Mercer and Tazewell counties that will put these materials to use in the best way possible. Such as, teaching people to read or to read better.

Our goal is to collect at least 100 books and 200 magazines, and to involve 10 Jaycee members, and 25 non-members. Please bring the books/magazines to our next meeting on August 27 or contact me and I will make arrangements to pick them up.  You can contact me at:


Work (PEMCO)  (540) 326-2611.   Email


Home at (540) 322-4997. Email


Thank You,

Eric Staples, Project Chairman